To work out how I might create a computer-based Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game I created a little game as a test.

It is vaguely based around the ancient Welsh tale of Kulhwch and Olwen and I wrote it all in rhyme:


It is playable at Itch.Io. I put up the source code on Github.

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  1. Much to my surprise it was mentioned today on a game design blog –

    “Kulhwch: Nate Taylor: a puzzle Twine presented in rhyme, and one that mimics a parser game’s room description and inventory layout — meaning that every room description has to be one or more verses, followed by a maybe-rhyming-or-not description of which objects are present currently. (The puzzle is not too terribly difficult, and the main actions are hinted by the text.)” – https://emshort.blog/2017/06/09/boyd-experiments-with-npcs/


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