I, Butterfly

I entered the Ludum Dare 48 hour game creation competition and sort-of completed it.

My interactive fiction game was loosely based on a short story I wrote titled, “I, Butterfly”.

The planned game mechanics were over-ambitious, and in the end I had to simplify it greatly to get it done in time. But I did finish the semblance of a game, and learned a great deal about planning, coding and testing.


I have been playing interactive fiction (or text adventures games as we called them in the UK) in different forms since I was fourteen, and over the last couple of years have been helping others create Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style books and games.

Since then I have been playing and studying many such hypertext and parser-based novels as well as collected and testing different platforms and features for developing my own. I’ve even uploaded guides to help others generally and specifically those using a game creation utility called Twine.


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