Finished & Unfinished Projects

I entered the Who script competition again last month with a Lovecraftian adventure:

The tenth Doctor and Martha arrive in a bazaar in early 20th century Persia. It is a busy market full of life. The Doctor is seeking some old books, and Martha is experiencing the unique sights, sounds and smells the market offers. At a book stall the Doctor befriends a young American named Howard [Phillips Lovecraft], who is searching for a hidden city buried in the sands that only appears on one night a year. He is sceptical, but intrigued when Howard tells him that he has heard cultists are seeking to sacrifice someone there that night.

The results haven’t been announced yet, but – although I had fun with the concept – I’m not sure I’m as close to winning this time around.

I’ve released the finished version of Pristine in print. I only intended to write a short story and it ended up as a small novel. Thanks to Naomi for editing and cover design. (Ask me if you’d like a copy)

Unfinished Projects

It’s made me think of other projects I started and never completed. Among the games I’ve worked on in the past but never finished:

Zelda 2D Demake – I lost the graphics and any code I wrote for this soon after an early test version. Nintendo isn’t very kind to fan games, but it would have been an honour to get a cease and desist letter from them.

Snake RPG – I got as far as an early prototype and then realised there were several games with the same concept.

SpellMaker – In this game you play a trapped wizard who must create spells to defeat his evil foe and escape, but you have to deal with keeping escaping animals from messing up your potions. I may return to this yet.

Dun Darach Demake – Walk around town, meet residents, gamble, steal, and fulfill quests

This re-used some code from an early game idea – Endless RPG:

Sylvania – This was my teenage elf text adventure. Complete four ordeals to prove your innocence and defeat your evil uncle who has stolen the treetop throne. There are partially completed versions of this game in several forms, but this map is where it all began:

Curious Visitor – As mentioned before I may return to this in the future, but perhaps in a different form.

Two-button Jumping Game concept – This is one of dozens of concepts I’ve worked on from time to time.

I have dozens of different game and story ideas I’ve explored at different times. Some of which I may return to in future.

This list also doesn’t include projects others have created or I’ve collaborated with them on such as the game Octo-Pico, the novel Primals, the Murder Mystery console game and the Stringers boardgame.

Working On

The biggest reason for not completing a few of these projects is that I am focusing on publishable ones this year:

Huckster – this started out as a web game prototype (below), but has become a redesign for my previous board game. In this version you play a travelling ‘Snake Oil’ salesman attempting to con Western-era townsfolk.

Disciple – My study and preparation for this book is almost brought me to the point that I’m ready to start writing.

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