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Game Design

Unexpected Visitor

Les Miserables meets War Of the Worlds – A text / audio interactive fiction adventure
> Play the Demo | > Read the Design Document

Kulhwch – A rhyming text game demo

Race To Til Thorin (Boardgame)

A 2-4 player quest-based fantasy boardgame, in which the board changes every game
> Rulebook | > BoardGameGeek

Video Game Demakes

Remakes of 8-bit games using more restrictive constraints than the originals
Bootyful – My version of the old 80s pirate treasure game “Booty”
PicoDiver – A classic arcade style diving game


Cotton Covered World

An 90,000 word novel set in a apocalyptic near future
> Overview | > Preview

The Mysterious Traveling Market – A Doctor Who Fan Novella
Pristine – A Young Adult novel set in a world where online reputation means everything


PiWrite (Linux Distribution For Writers)

A Linux Distribution for Writers made for the Raspberry Pi
> GitHub code / download

For other technical skills see my Curriculum Vitae

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Read excerpts from my books here:

Cotton Covered World  Pristine  The Mysterious Traveling Market

Play / learn about my games here:

picodiver_screen  Booty Demake
Kuhlwch  tilthorin

Check out my code at GitHub or projects at Itch.Io.