Curriculum Vitae

This is my technical C.V.  – for my creative resume see my About page

System Engineer, Just Eat Takeaway
Bristol, England, January 2021 – Present

I am responsible for: Monitoring, troubleshooting, reproducing and mitigating issues in production environments. As well as creating automation, and supporting service prior to go-live through pre-launch reviews. The role includes use of Linux, ELK, Splunk, Grafana, Git, and AWS.

Linux System Administrator, Just Checking
Bristol, England, July 2020 – January 2021

Remote management of the company’s Linux web and database systems, which used custom software and supported their own activity monitoring hardware. This took place on dedicated on-site, hosted and virtual hosts. My work included creating a standard build of their custom Centos servers, implementing monitoring and alerting in Zabbix, creating a wiki and documenting processes, and working with APIs, PHP, and other web technologies.

Unix System Administrator, Hargreaves Lansdown
Bristol, England, 2019 – July 2020

Maintenance of the firm’s Linux/UNIX infrastructure which supports the firm’s website, core back office, and CRM systems. Ensuring that the systems are maintained and managed in line with best practice, resolving service-affecting issues, implementing changes to systems, building new systems and environments, and providing technical guidance to other teams. Involves regular advanced use of Puppet, Git, Bitbucket, Jira, and Confluence. Due to the nature of the business I regularly have to undertake 24 hour on-call shift patterns.

System Admin / Team Lead, Hewlett Packard
Oregon / Colorado / Utah, 2012-2019

  • Configuring and Administering multiple Jira, Chef, Splunk and Zabbix enterprise Linux servers in the AWS cloud and internal data center. Leading projects to assess new tools and implement them, customizing or scripting solutions as needed. Ensuring security and uptime through high availability systems, implementing solutions and monitoring.
  • Working with teams or independently to meet client’s needs and integrate them into our web tools and services. Supporting and training teams in person and remotely, as well as producing written documentation and video training. Involved in the licensing and budgeting processes, and reporting partner usage.
  • Leading the software tools team to resolve challenges, work together and provide consistency of service and effectiveness. Interviewing potential candidates for our team. Working closely with the NOC and BizOps, to help them have information and tools they need, for support and reports.
  • Ensuring the security, monitoring and high availability of our systems, and working with hundreds of clients, many of whom were working remotely, to integrate them into our services.

Senior Systems Engineer, PayPal / eBay
Utah, 2010-2012

  • Led the installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and management of thousands of Redhat and Solaris servers for eBay (including Paypal) in a very large data center.
  • Supporting servers locally and remotely, and in resolving all types of software, hardware, and network issues.


System Administration
Linux (Redhat/Ubuntu), Windows Server, Solaris, AWS.
Monitoring, Deployment & Projects
Jira, Splunk, Chef, Nagios, Zabbix, AlertSite, TestRail.
Bash, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Apache, Nginx, IIS, MySQL, Postgres, Git, Chef, Puppet.
Management & Consultancy
Team Lead, Partner Support, Licensing & Reporting, Budgeting, Agile Projects.


In my spare time I have written novels, created board and video games,
and enjoy cycling.